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Give us a call on 028 313 0209 or click on the free assessment page to make contact.
Fridays are normally reserved for assessments and exam prep sessions.

We operate daily from our premises which is 12 A Mitchell street, Hermanus CBD.

Operating hours are from 08:00 - 18:00, Mondays to Thursdays.

We are looking forward to meeting you at M&R education centre soon!

Murison & Rhoda Kotzé

Parent & learner feedback:

Olivia, Grade 9, Hermanus High School
“Dear Murison, I just wanted to say thank you for everything over the past few years, for all of the help, reassurance and even teasing and the fact that you always wanted to know what was going on in our lives. There really will never be a tutor like you. You have been such a confidence booster in maths by helping me to increase my math mark drastically from 65% to 85% and for that, I will always be grateful. Lots of love. Olivia. BIG BIG THANKS!”

Beverly Moller
“Dear Muri and Rhoda,
The Mollers would like to take this opportunity to thank you for the HUGE part you have played in our lives - all of us! Not only for Maths, but for all you have done for all three of us (teaching advice, tutoring) and even our many heart to heart chats together. If there is any other way we can add value to M&R in the future we will happily do so. In appreciation, Bev & Livvy (and Kay)”

Sonel van Wageningen
“Hallo Rhoda,
Ons waardeer REGTIG wat julle alles vir Migael en Imke beteken! Dit is vir ons SO amazing hoe hulle uitsien na elke les en dit geniet! Dit is al lankal nie meer net om te leer somme doen nie. Ek is so dankbaar dat jy ‘n tydjie van hulle week met hulle kan deel. Ek hoop dit kan nog sommer vir lank so wees.”

Juanita van Tonder
“Murison en Rhoda,
Julle is awesomeness verby! Ons lewe sou waarlik armer gewees het sonder julle. So weet net, jul invloed is groter as wat julle dink. Blessings. Juanita” November

Lupho Hoyi
“Geagte meneer Murison, ek wil dankie sê vir uitmuntende werk wat jy vir my doen. Dankie. Jy help my wanneer ek soek vir hulp. Jy het baie dinge vir my geleer byvoorbeeld jy het Engels en Afrikaans en ook Wiskunde lesse gegee. Ek is baie dankbaar daarvoor. Nou kan ek Afrikaans skryf! Ek is goed in Engels en ek is die meester in Wiskunde. Julle is my gunsteling sentrum in Hermanus. Verlede jaar het ek 95% gekry vir Wiskunde. Nogmaals dankie vir die uitmuntende werk wat jy doen vir ons as die leerders by M&R”

Mrs V Mitchley
“Dear parents, we encourage you to make an appointment with Murison & Rhoda to help your child with Maths or Language issues as they offer wonderful support”

M Ladewig
“Dear Murison & Rhoda, on behalf of Hermanus High School we would like to thank you for your continued support of the school and we wish you every success with the Education Centre”

Pam Nel
“Dear Murison & Rhoda, thanks in no small measure to you two for your encouragement, positive assistance methods and sheer determination with the girls. They are doing very well at Curro. I feel that perhaps we have saved two little people from a dull and desperate future by imbuing them with ambition and determination. We will send them back to you for boosters before the exams. Grateful thanks and love”

Gordon Shaw
“Hi guys, firstly many thanks for all your efforts this year with Gordon. He has done really well.”

Daniela Klink
“Liewe Rhoda, Baie dankie vir alles wat jy vir my doen, love from Daniela”

Lisa Bayer
“Thank you for every think you do and did for me, from Lisa”

Heather Jenkin
“Dear Rhoda and Neldi, thank you for coaching our learners through Math & English at M&R. We wish you all the best for the year”

Mr GJ Hassenkamp
“Thank you once again for offering Megan the opportunity to attend the G7 Mathematics classes last year. She really did enjoy them and I know will benefit from Murison’s input in the long run. Keep up the wonderful work you and your team are doing at M&R. I look forward to working alongside you again this year.”