We have been in the business of providing professional tutoring services since 2009.

We cater for learners as young as the age of 5 up to grade 12, focusing our strengths on helping them to achieve their academic best in literacy or numeracy or sometimes both.

Our teachers share in this passion of assisting learners in establishing sound learning goals and achievable academic success.

We, therefore, show great results because we believe in each individuals’ specific skill-set and are able to tackle those tough learning issues collectively, as a team.

We know what we are capable of achieving!


We enjoy seeing the proverbial ‘AH HAAAA’ moment when any scholastic concept has been grasped.

This also serves as the reasoning behind why we prefer to work in smaller groups.

At M&R our family type setting makes it easier for learners to not only ascertain information from the teacher but also learn from each other. The learner becomes the teacher.

Together Everyone Achieves More!


To learn a language you need to practice it, or as we say:’Verb it!’

A verb is a doing word. The more you practice, the better you get. Plain and simple. Speak it, pronounce it, spell it, write it, read it. Repeat!

Our language programs include phonics, spelling, writing, reading, comprehension and putting into practice those high-frequency words.

We guide our language learners, but we also expect them to ‘verb’ it. When studying a language, home or first additional, it proves time and again that by putting in those extra hours, guaranteed success will follow.


The M&R education group is a collaboration of different offerings tailor-made to suit our learners. It takes a village to raise a child, and we aim to work closely with the local teaching community, schools, educational psychologists, occupational therapists, and pediatricians.

We support our community where possible through various initiatives as we love to collaborate with trendsetters in the educational field. Every teacher in our current educational team compliments our business and the results we deliver.

Whenever possible we try to steer away from spoon-feeding, therefore we are in the business of modeling and encouraging a problem-solving approach across all subject fields … something we feel passionate about.